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    Headlight Tint: Bio Hex+ Micro Clear

    by Vvivid
    Original price $40.00 - Original price $1,126.00
    Original price
    $40.00 - $1,126.00
    Current price $40.00

    Premium Plus Air-Tint® Headlight / Tail Light film
    No liquids, no mess! Installs like vinyl!

    Finish/Texture: Clear Transparent Gloss w. Holographic Micro Sized Hexagon (Honeycomb) design.
    Usage: BIO HEX+ tints can be installed as headlight or tail light tint, lamination, or color change film. Exterior & interior applications, cars, vehicles, boats.
    Conformability: High
    Skill level needed for installation: Low
    Application Method: Dry only!
    Adhesive: Air-release, repositionable, Ultra-Clear® adhesive
    Thickness: 3.9 mil / 0.099 mm
    Durability: 4 years (vertical exposure)

    More Product Info... 👇
    • Vvivid+ Premium Air-Tint® Headlight film.
    • New and improved vinyl formula, developed in Canada, to reduce the risk of shrinking or peeling almost completely.
    • This film has the newest in manufacturing technology including a holographic layering process that is embedded into the film during production.
    • Upgrading you vehicles look, protecting the headlight and tail light from physical and sun damage without significantly changing the output strength of your lights or it's color.
    • Especially formulated and made to tint headlights and tail lights.
    • Improved adhesive. Easy application with a squeegee and a heatgun. No liquids, no mess!
    • Repositionable Ultra-Clear® Adhesive allows for repositioning multiple times without risk of glue lines, marring and other issues commonly found on tints.
    • This tail light tint vinyl formula reduces the risk of shrinkage and peeling almost completely.