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    Returns, Refunds & Exchanges

    Order Cancellation & Refunds

    Once an order is shipped, we can't cancel an order as we are unable to "recall" a shipment. Orders that have already shipped out may not have a tracking number available until the next day.
    If your cancellation is due to your order being out of stock or we did not ship out the item within 5 business days you will receive a full 100% refund if you wish to cancel your order.
    For cancellations that are not our fault, but you simply changed your mind we will withhold the banking fee charged to us by the payment processor (as we don't get refunded for it) used at time of purchase and refund the rest. The withheld amount is variable depending on what processor and what credit card was used, but is approximately 3% - to 3.7% of your total amount paid. Refunds can only be issued back through the original payment method and account used at time of purchase.

    Receiving Damaged Merchandise

    While we try our best to package merchandise in a way that prevents shipping damage, there will always be the rare occasion of something going wrong.

    If a product is delivered damaged please DO NOT use or install the item(s) yet!

    Take clear images of: package, package labels and product so our team can instruct you on the next steps.

    Using or installing visibly damaged merchandise without our instruction to do so, signifies that the item arrived in acceptable condition for your use and will not be replaced or refunded by CWS nor the manufacturer.


    Vvivid vinyls: XPO, Premium+, Ultra-Gloss, Architectural and Tints have a 30 day return policy. Only unused, uncut vinyl is returnable in its original, undamaged condition. If you don't like the color or finish or changed your mind for any other reason, you can return it.

    You are responsible for return shipping. A 10% restocking fee and our initial shipping fee will be withheld from any refunds. The returned vinyl must be in the same condition as delivered for a refund.

    CYS Platinum series vinyls are not eligible for returns.

    If you are not sure about any of the vinyl films or about wrapping, please contact us with your questions and concerns before placing an order. We are here to serve You as best as we can!

    Vinyl films from CWS are sold only as described on this website. No changes or alterations can be made once the vinyl is shipped.

    Exchanging vinyl rolls.

    Exchanges are possible for Vvivid Vinyls only, if you want to change the color or even the type within 15 days of your original order delivery date. Exchange can only be done if the vinyl has not been used or cut yet. You can only exchange for the same same value or more. You can change the color and even the style if you wish. We will charge the shipping costs to return the vinyl to our warehouse and then the charge to send the replacement back to you with an additional 5% handling fee. If you are exchanging for a more expensive vinyl we will also charge the difference in material price. All exchanged vinyl rolls have to return to us and be inspected by us before we send out the replacement. The whole exchange process can take 1.5 to 3 weeks depending on your location.

    CYS Platinum series vinyl films can not be exchanged.

    Defective vinyl films and wrong items received

    CWS will replace, or exchange manufacturer’s defective vinyl films (only for those products which are deemed to be incomplete or defective by a company representative) or if the wrong style and/or color or length of film has been sent. All complaints about vinyl defects or wrong items received have to be proven with pictures! You must send us an email with pictures of the defect or color/style difference along with the issues/problems. You must inform us about defects, wrong items, wrong colors, and shortages within 2 weeks (14 days) from receipt of order. After 14 days of acceptance of your order shipment from the courier the order is considered complete.

    No replacements, exchanges or refunds issued after product is fully installed.
    Inspect the vinyl before installation. Installing more than 2 panels on a vehicle wrap may not be covered.

    Please note that products ordered at different times may be from different dye-lots, therefore we can not guarantee a 100% color shade or pattern match. Damage to clear-coat and/or car paint is not under warranty by either CWS or the manufacturers of vinyl films, as it can be caused by many different factors, such as a damaged clear coat or paint, low quality paint job, repainted surfaces (not OEM paint) or wrong installation and/or removal technique. Please read our installation instructions for proper vinyl film removal techniques and procedures to avoid any damage to paint.